Okeene Rattlesnake Hunt The World's Oldest Rattlesnake Hunt

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The Annual Okeene Rattlesnake Hunt

Snake hunting is a long standing tradition in Okeene. The residents here have hunted for generations. The hunt was originally started in 1939 to remove the venomous reptiles to protect cattle and overall safety. Orville Von Gulker was the man who decided to turn the spring ritual into an annual competion, thereby giving birth to our hunt.  

The largest of these captured snakes are entered into our yearly competition, the Okeene Rattlesnake Hunt. Okeene is home to the first and original rattlesnake hunt. In 2023, Okeene will be celebrating its 84th hunt.

The Okeene Rattlesnake Hunt has been widely recognized by several magazines, news outlets, and documentaries from around the world. Every year finds a variety of new film crews, reporters, and photographers that travel from near and far to witness and participate in the event.

In addition to braggin rights and a cash prize for winning the hunt, our event features live snake exhibitions and demonstrations. There's a variety of rattlesnake souveniers and fried rattlesnake is even on the menu. An entire festival surrounds the event with a carnival, food and shopping vendors, live music, and a variety of entertainment options 

suited for the entire family to enjoy. 

Be a part of Oklahoma tradition and join us at the 

Annual Okeene Rattlesnake Hunt!